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abfEffects contains a set of components that allow you to easily add different visual effects into your programs.

abfFormEffect TabfFormEffect is a non-visual component that implements roll-up/ roll-down and shaking effects. Simply drop this component onto the form and you will be able to roll-up the form's client area, shake the form during some time interval, and drag the form by its client area.

Form rolled using the TabfFormEffect component

abfBackGround TabfBackGround allows making fine backgrounds for your forms, panels or other controls. It supports many background types. Can be useful if you want to customize the look of some controls in your application. Bitmaps as background are also supported.

Sample of using TabfBackGround components

abfCredits TabfCredits allows you to easily create "running" credits like you can see in any movie or TV program. It supports many background types. Can be useful for creating cool about or information dialogs.

Samlpe of the TabfCredits component

abfMovablePanel TabfMovablePanel is a panel with movement abilities. Very useful to make a popup, dropdown, or other animated effects.

Samlpe of the TabfMovablePanel component

abfMagnifier TabfMagnifier allows the user to magnify the area of screen around the cursor. It is a ready solution for the magnifier program.

  • Borland Delphi 3 (or higher) or C++Builder 3 (or higher).
  • OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.

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