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abfMenus contains a set of menu-oriented components. Now you can easily add items into system menus of any window. The example of windows shell extension is also included.

abfSystemMenuItem TabfSystemMenuItem is a non-visual component that adds a menu item into the system menu of any window, form or application. The menu item can be taken from any TMainManu or TPopupMenu components.

Sample of the menu item is inserted using the TabfSystemMenuItem component

abfSystemMenuInserter TabfSystemMenuInserter is a non-visual component that adds all items of some TPopupMenu component into the system menu of any window, form or application.

Sample of menu items are inserted using the TabfSystemMenuInserter component

abfPopupMenu TabfPopupMenu is an enhanced popup menu that has the OnClose event and the Visible property. You can easily determine is popup menu shown or not, and notify the closing of popup.

 Shell menu extension DLL template
Shell menu extension DLL template The abfShellMenu project is a template for creating any custom shell menu extensions. You'll be able to add own items to any menu of Windows shell in a few minutes, using a source code of this template.

Sample of shell menu extension are made by abfShellMenu.dll

Note: The source code is present in WOS and Full versions only, and compatible with Delphi 4 (and higher).

  • Borland Delphi 2 (or higher) or C++Builder 1 (or higher).
  • OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.

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